Beware Of Unethical Breeders

**Warning To Potential New Owners**


There are unethical people out there convincing potential buyers that their cross-bred dogs, that contain Sheltie blood, are "purebred Toy Shelties". There is no such thing as a purebred "Toy Sheltie".


The only dogs described as "Toy Sheltie" or "toy-sized Sheltie" are purebred Shetland Sheepdogs that are under 13 inches tall in height. And that are registered, and/or are registrable, with AKC or CKC.


Due to the fact that AKC will not recognize a new proposed breed that is created from crossbreeding two already recognized AKC breeds, "Toy Shelties" can never become a separate breed.


Those of us that love these little dogs had hoped that we could make a subgroup, or even separate the smaller Shelties, into a new recognized AKC breed. But, after doing a lot reading and research on The American Kennel Club's website, we came to realize that it can never be.


AKC only recognizes, as yet unrecognized, breeds that have a long history/lineage of consistent "purebred" breeding as part of their Foundation Stock Service program.


Again, the only true "Toy Sheltie" is a purebred Shetland Sheepdog that is under 13 inches tall and that can be registered with AKC or CKC.


So, if you see a breeder selling crossbred dogs as "Toy Shelties" that are not clearly described as the crossbreeds that they are, beware, these people are just trying to "MAKE THE SALE".


"The FSS® is not open to "rare" breeds that are a variation of an AKC-registrable breed or the result of a combination of two AKC-recognized breeds. This includes and is not limited to differences such as size (over and under), coat type, coat colors, and coat colors and/or types that are disqualifications from Conformation Events by AKC breed standards."


**Last paragraph under "How Breeds Enter The FSS"**