Puppy Information

Pet Pricing



FEMALES - $1850 to $2250

MALES - $1600 to $2000

Pricing depends on parentage.


All puppies sold as pets only  DO NOT come with full registration/breeder's rights. Spay/neuter required to obtain their AKC registration papers.


**The price does not change if you do not want the papers, so please do not ask**

**All prices are subject to change without notice.**


Breeder Pricing

Full registration/breeder's rights are available

to approved breeders.

FEMALES: $4150-4650

MALES: $3650-4150

Price is; not negotiable, repeat/multi-purchase discount does not apply, & is subject to change without notice.

Past Puppies

All of our puppies are registered AKC Shetland Sheepdogs.

Frida Tri Girl 5217 2
Frida Tri Girl 5217 2

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Frida Boy 1 5217 2
Frida Boy 1 5217 2

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Ziva's Tony 111214 1.jpg
Ziva's Tony 111214 1.jpg

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Frida Tri Girl 5217 2
Frida Tri Girl 5217 2

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Health and Genetic Testing 


Our highest priority is to produce happy, healthy dogs that are free of any health issues, whether it be physical or genetic. It is sometimes a treacherous road to follow and we are doing our best to stay on it. We are progressing in breeding out all genetic mutations and diseases in our dogs, it is a responsibility that takes a lot of time and patience.


Please be sure to read the information provided and also do your own research. 

Unlike many show breeders, we ACTIVELY strive to breed out

ALL breed specific genetic mutations and diseases

that pertain to the Shetland Sheepdog.


You easily can find breeders out there that sell their puppies for less, but almost all those breeders do not do genetic testing on their breeding dogs.  In fact, if you ask them about genetic testing, the majority of those people, have never even heard about these diseases and the importance of testing for them.




  Sales Information 


All puppies are sold with Limited AKC Registration (non-breeders rights), unless otherwise specified.


Premium Waiting List


We offer a Premium List for those interested in assuring that they receive a

specific puppy (i.e. gender, color, size, parentage, etc) for a refundable fee of $250. If

you would like to be on this list please contact us to find out how to be placed on the list. This fee will be subtracted from the purchase price of the puppy. Purchase price

does not include shipping/delivery costs (if applicable).



Delivery & Shipping


If you need your puppy shipped or delivered, we deliver them for a fee of $25 per

hour, one way. Shipping costs $400, depending on airfare charges. The shipping charge also includes, crate, health certificate and cost of delivery to the airport. We only use United Airlines.

*All fees subject to change without notice*




All puppies are sold on a first come, first serve bases. Puppies can be held with a deposit. Prices vary from $1600 to $4250 depending on; quality, size, color, gender and breeder's rights. All puppies come with health guarantees.


Puppies are socialized in a family setting.




They are wormed, given their first vaccinations, and checked for health defects by

our veterinarian. We also offer microchips (free of charge), if you want them. We don't

do them ourselves but will send the with your puppy for you to do yourself or have a

vet insert them for you.


We accept payments by Paypal, personal check, or wire transfer. We prefer Paypal, but

if paying in this manner you will be charged an additional 3% to cover the charge Paypal charges for the service.